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Bush Ibma Woven Wrap

Bush Ibma Woven Wrap


Celebrating the art of contemporary aboriginal artist Thomas Croft of Crofty's art. Featuring the textile version of his original art piece called Bush.

"Aboriginal people have significant knowledge when it comes to the bush and its surroundings. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation to maintain its significance to aboriginal culture"

This 100% fine cotton wrap boasts a post wash gsm of 350! So supportive for even the biggest toddler yet soft enough for a tiny bub. Shines in a shortie size yet a longer wrap with multiple passes will only reward you with more support!

size 3: $215
size 4: $230
size 5: $245
size 6: $260
size 7: $275
size 8: $290

What are the different sizes? Which is best for me?

A Woven Wrap is measured in meters. To make it easier on all of us who don’t use meters, they are most commonly referred to in “Sizes”.

Size 2: 2.7 meters

Size 3: 3.2 meters

Size 4: 3.6 meters

Size 5: 4.2 meters

Size 6: 4.6 meters

Size 7: 5.2 meters

Size 8: 5.6 meters

The size of wrap you need can vary. Most people begin with what we refer to as your base size, which is a recommendation based on your t-shirt size, rather than your height or your baby’s size. Your base size, is the length of fabric you need to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and tie behind your back. So for example if you wear a size small t-shirt you would be around a 5 "base" size, a medium would be a size 6 and a large a size 7 and so on. 

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