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Product Care and Safety

Woven wraps and other textile items:

Your wrap will come to you in loom state. It is recommended that you wash your wrap before you wear it as this helps to set the fibres and also softens the wrap making it easier to use. You will find washing instructions on the product tag. 

Please be aware that your wrap will appear to shrink after washing. This is a normal occurrence in woven textiles due to how they are woven on the loom. The fibres will fluff up and pull together to set the weave, which also adds a lovely texture and softness to the wrap. This shrinkage has been accounted for in the sizing of the wrap and is not a cause for concern.

If you are concerned about any inconsistencies in the fabric, please contact us. Due to the nature of woven textiles, different yarns will sometimes have natural characteristics which appear to be flaws but are actually part of the design or yarn. E.g linen slubs. 


Please always follow the product safety guidelines in using your wrap safely.