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Gumnut Babies Collection Blue Gum Woven Wraps

Gumnut Babies Collection Blue Gum Woven Wraps


Moondani celebrates the work of much revered Australian children's author and illustrator, May Gibbs in the nostalgic Gumnut Babies Collection. For 100 years these little bush dwelling characters have delighted both children and adults alike.

Blue Gum features the very popular scene featured in the sold out Eucalyptus colourway. It is a flowing scene of gum leaves with cheeky babies sleeping and playing with their animal friends. The colour is a striking shimmery blue on an ecru back drop. The blend of Tencel and Egyptian cotton gives this wrap unparalleled softness and strength. It is pure luxury to wear!

What are the different sizes? Which is best for me?

A Woven Wrap is measured in meters. To make it easier on all of us who don’t use meters, they are most commonly referred to in “Sizes”.

Size 2: 2.7 meters

Size 3: 3.2 meters

Size 4: 3.6 meters

Size 5: 4.2 meters

Size 6: 4.6 meters

Size 7: 5.2 meters

Size 8: 5.6 meters

The size of wrap you need can vary. Most people begin with what we refer to as your base size, which is a recommendation based on your t-shirt size, rather than your height or your baby’s size. Your base size, is the length of fabric you need to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and tie behind your back. So for example if you wear a size small t-shirt you would be around a 5 "base" size, a medium would be a size 6 and a large a size 7 and so on. 

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