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Labyrinth Absolute Woven Wrap

Labyrinth Absolute Woven Wrap



Labyrinth Absolute.

Weighing in at a post wash GSM of 306. This 100% cotton wrap is the “oubliette” or Toddler prison of wraps!

Black weft upon an Ecru warp and texture for days created by the intricate and mesmerising pattern reminiscent of the twists and turns of a magical Labyrinth. You would expect a wrap that boasts such support and grip would be a beast at the start.. Far from it! Soft from the first wash and quickly conforms to a cloud like comfort on your shoulders, this wrap is perfection!

Suitable from newborn to toddler and everything in between. Shines in a short size yet has enough glide to manage double layer passes easily.

What are the different sizes? Which is best for me?

A Woven Wrap is measured in meters. To make it easier on all of us who don’t use meters, they are most commonly referred to in “Sizes”.

Size 2: 2.7 meters

Size 3: 3.2 meters

Size 4: 3.6 meters

Size 5: 4.2 meters

Size 6: 4.6 meters

Size 7: 5.2 meters

Size 8: 5.6 meters

The size of wrap you need can vary. Most people begin with what we refer to as your base size, which is a recommendation based on your t-shirt size, rather than your height or your baby’s size. Your base size, is the length of fabric you need to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and tie behind your back. So for example if you wear a size small t-shirt you would be around a 5 "base" size, a medium would be a size 6 and a large a size 7 and so on. 

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