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Moondani by Fluffy Love Designs Onbu - Moondani - 10

Jimulu Storm Onbuhimo


Onbu’s are a backpack style carrier that have no waist strap. They are suitable for children who have very strong back muscles who are able to sit unaided. They are NOT suitable for small babies who cannot sit completely by themselves.
Onbu’s allow the child to ride up high on your back with arms in or out (depending on the height you choose) or up high on your front (like the FWCC).

Body sizes available:
The sizing below are taken from the top to the bottom of the carrier (H) and bottom of the onbu, where the webbing comes out (W).

Standard - 20"H x 15"W (approx sitting age to 18m)
Toddler - 23”H x 18”W (approx 18m-3y)

*NB: We all know toddlers come in all different sizes and shapes, therefore the best way to find out which size you need, is to measure from your child's belly button to either their shoulder blades (for children who like arms out) or to the base of the child's neck (for those who prefer arms in).
The finished product may be up to 1/2" different in size, due to the stretch while sewing. All care will be taken to get the measurements as accurate as possible. Please keep in mind that i am a human, not a machine, and all carriers may be slightly different to each other. Some wraps stretch more than others, and that can affect the overall sizing.

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