Gumnut Babies Collection Scribbly Gum Accent Meh Dai

Gumnut Babies Collection Scribbly Gum Accent Meh Dai

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Comfort, beauty and ease all wrapped up in one!

The Accent Meh Dai is the best of both worlds combining the best features of a wrap and a buckle carrier.


A ring waist that eliminates the need for extra knots at the waist and is adjustable with one hand so that you can always have one hand on baby whilst adjusting the waist band.

A soft padded waist band for ultimate comfort

A structured body panel for your child to be carried comfortably and securely without the need to "make a seat" as you would in a wrap.

Sleepy hood which can be pulled up for some light cover or head support for sleepy little ones

Wrap straps that can be spread over the shoulder or sit on top of the shoulder. Infinitely adjustable without the need for webbing, adjusters and buckles. The wrap straps allow you to get a close, ergonomic fit every time no matter who had the carrier on last! Perfect for use by caregivers of all shapes and sizes to share.

Available in a range of Moondani designs, the Accent Meh Dai features quality, soft woven fabric specifically selected in colours to accentuate the design of the fabric. After all, Moondani is wearable art in any form!


Safety Information:

Moondani wraps and carriers are crafted to the highest standard. Using specially woven fabrics and die cast aluminium sling rings which are designed for carrying children.

Our Meh Dai carriers (as are all of our products) are expertly designed and made in house here at Moondani


The Accent Meh Dai comes in three sizes. There is some overlap with the sizes so that you can get the most longevity from each size.

Small: Suitable from birth to at least 12 months depending on the size of your child.

Medium: Suitable from 3 months to at least 24 months depending on the size of your child.

Large: Suitable from 24 months and beyond. Preschooler size also available as a custom item. Please contact us for further information.

We have most carrier designs in stock, if not you will be notified and your order will be filled as a custom order. This usually takes 2-3 weeks.