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Gumnut Babies Blossom Ring Sling

Gumnut Babies Blossom Ring Sling


Available in two different shoulder types and three different lengths so there is a fit to suit every one.

Gathered Shoulder type : the fabric is gathered around the sling rings giving the fabric room to cup the shoulder comfortably.

Hybrid shoulder: pleats are used to reduce the amount of fabric coming over the arm so there is just enough to cup the shoulder comfortably.


small - 200cm 

medium - 210cm

large - 220cm

Blossom is created as a pattern of blossom babies and Gumnut babies chatting and hiding behind flannel flowers - they can be shy you know! The colour is a petal pink colour on a shimmery ecru background. Quite different to Blue Gum, this merino wool and Egyptian cotton blend is cushy and cloud-like. Those magical merino qualities of being breathable in summer yet cosy in winter. Also super soft from the get go, no breaking in required for either of these beauties.

Luxurious Egyptian cotton is known for its soft feel and subtle sheen, paired with the cushy comfort of merino wool, these fibres offer breathable comfort in all seasons. best of all, the wrapping qualities of Blossom will amaze you and it requires no breaking in!

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