Washing your woven wrap, sling or carrier

Washing your woven wrap or Ring Sling

Our wraps are always woven a bit longer than advertised, so that after the first wash they can shrink into the size.  Woven wraps change their characteristics after washing as the fibres swell and the wrap becomes a different density.  It is always recommended to wash your wrap prior to the first use.

To wash, always use a liquid detergent with no optical brighteners and no fabric conditioner or softener.  We recommend putting the wrap, carrier or sling in a delicates washing bag or pillowcase to avoid pulled threads in the wrap and to protect your washing machine. You can put a small pair of socks over the rings of a ring sling to stop them clanging in the washer.

Drying your wrap

The best way is to hang your wrap over a clothes airer in the shade. Most of our wraps can also be tumble dried on the coolest setting but be sure to keep an eye not to over dry. To help soften your wrap, steam iron while still slightly damp.


Your Meh dai carrier is also designed to shrink and quilt up slightly. It is preferable to spot clean but can be washed in the washing machine the same as a wrap. Upon removing it from the wash, reshape the carrier, focussing on the padded areas and dry flat in the shade.