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Moondani Australia

Moondani Woven wraps are created lovingly, from the finest sourced materials, with a design carefully planned and tested to ensure quality and comfort.  Our wraps are designed with attention to detail, considering every aspect of baby wearing. Comfort for you and your child, safety and aesthetically stunning with a unique Australian flair. 

Wherever possible, we choose yarns and materials sourced within Australia. Moondani wraps are designed using original artwork. When you wear a Moondani product you will know that you are wearing something special, a work of art! 

When you support Moondani, you are supporting small business run by a work at home mum of two with a passion for art, textiles and of course babywearing! All products are woven in Australia to support our weaving industry.

We support only ethical working conditions and always strive to make considered choices during our manufacturing process.  They are then finished right here in the Moondani workshop, checked to ensure the highest quality and beautifully packaged with love and attention.